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What You Know About Me?

What You Know About Me?

An Alice/Becca collabo’ to the tune of “What You Know” by T.I.
Start following along at the 0:38 mark

See me in the city, sittin’ pretty, I’m in Boston dog
Graduatin’ in a couple months with a 4.0* dog
And you know how I ball (Ay)
Major in PR ya’ll (Ay)
Minor in French and all (Ay)
I like my Starbucks tall
And my sushi raw
You know I got this blog
I also like to jog**
While bumpin’ fresh beats dog
On the Charles River, yo
Don’t wanna race me bro
I’m fast as Audis bro, double knot your Reebok’s bro
Know you read my posts cause
Your mom most likely does
She see me on them feeds***
‘Cause this is a hot read
I be on Google shawty
And even Technorati****
And if you like my beats
Then holler at a shawty

Don’t you know I got social networks
When I tweet shawty tweet back
Email me, Jack
And I’ll fo’ sho’ write you back

Now you know about me
Now you know about me
Now you know about me
I know all about me (obviously)

Twitter: @ aedubois

*Okay, not quite a 4.0 but close enough!
**It could be pronounced “yog”…might have a soft J.
***RSS, that is.
****Not really.


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ahahahaha LOVE THIS alice!

Comment by Dana Hentoff

PLEASE go to
and audition to be a music writer for the site. you’d be perfect.

Comment by liv hauck

thanks Liv! although i can’t take all the credit, my roommate Becca helped me a ton. I’ll definitely check it out, maybe we’ll audition as a team!

Comment by lilwasp

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