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Thank God For Jurassic 5 and Free WiFi
March 14, 2010, 3:06 pm
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One Thanksgiving I was en route to North Carolina when I got stranded at Dulles Airport right outside DC. I remember thinking to myself right around hour 3 of trying to get booked on another flight, “The last airport I’d want to be stranded in is Dulles.”

I’d like to revise that previous statement. I am currently trying to get back to Boston after spending my spring break at home in Rochester, NY and am stranded in the Rochester International Airport. By the way, International = Canada. And even though I’m not technically “stranded”…more like they’ve delayed my flight in 10 minute increments about 4 times, this is without question the worst place to be stuck. There are two terminals, a McDonald’s, a Subway and a Hudson News. Needless to say, I’ve been spending some quality time with my iPod.

Thanks to me and my brother’s long-held tradition of trading newly acquired music every time we’re both home, I’ve fallen in love with Jurassic 5 while I rot away here at gate A11.

This alternative hip hop group is probably best known for their singles “What’s Golden” and “Work It Out” (a collaboration with Dave Matthews that has an almost smooth-jazz-like feel.) J5’s brilliant blend of modernity and 70’s soul samples reminds me at times of a less-cheesy Sugarhill Gang, but when it comes down to it this group is a unique force of its own. At the risk of sounding cliche, their beats are always fresh, their rhymes tight, and I have yet to find a Jurassic 5 song I don’t like.

As far as my recently expanded Jurassic 5 collection, I have their most recent album,¬†Feedback (2006), in its entirety, and a couple of songs from Pre-Historik Rarities (2003) and Power In Numbers (2002), so my suggestions below are based on that. As always, if you think I’ve skipped over any noteworthy J5 tracks, let me know.

Below is the song “Radio” from their album¬†Feedback, which I happen to be slightly dancing to in my seat right now as it plays over my headphones. If only it were socially acceptable to start a dance party in an airport. This sorry group of travelers needs to liven up.

And that handy dandy video has the lyrics too! Well there ya go. Here are some more suggestions for those of you that are just discovering J5. For all of you experts out there, please feel free to contribute!