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The Sky Might Fall, But I’m Not Worried At All
March 24, 2010, 7:07 pm
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Next night, next concert. My love for Kid Cudi has slowly developed since I lived in Paris last Spring and got down to Crooker’s Remix of his hit “Day N’ Nite” at least once a night.  It’s undeniable that it’s a great party song, but I had some initial doubts over whether Cudi had any relevance outside the nightclub.

As I started to gather and listen to more and more of his work, I began to realize that “Day N’ Nite” was just the tip of the Cudi iceberg. His repertoire runs the gamut from mellow and pensive (like “Man On The Moon”) to bumpin’ hip hop (like  “Already Home” with Jay-Z).  He even worked with electronic rock bands MGMT and Ratatat on his eclectic single “Pursuit of Happiness”.

I was very curious to see what Kid Cudi’s unique and versatile sound would be like live. Would I feel like I was at a rap concert? A techno concert? An R&B concert? I still couldn’t tell you what genre the show most resembled, but whatever it was, it worked.

First off, the venue. The House of Blues was the perfect style for Kid Cudi. Just the right size for there to be a ton of people with a lot of energy, but not so big that you don’t feel like you’re actually at the concert if you have shitty seats (trust me, I’ve been there one too many times.) Though as you can see from my pictures and videos, I had a sick view…sorry, had to brag just for a sec.

But more importantly, the Kid. He started off with a high energy excerpt from “Already Home”, the track off of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 that I mentioned earlier. (Oh and that is definitely not me squealing in the background in the tail end of that video…definitely not…) He proceeded with a set list that included “Daps & Pounds,” “Day N’ Nite,” “I Poke Her Face,” “Man On The Moon,” “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” “Up And Away,” “Sky Might Fall,” and “Pursuit of Happiness” (not in that order.) Bummed that he didn’t perform my all time favorite “T.G.I.F.”, but I definitely got some new Cudi favorites out of the deal.

I touched upon this in my review of Sam Adams, but I’ll say it again anyways, seeing an artist live can really make or break your fanhood. I mean, I wasn’t a huge fan of Lil Wayne until I saw him once in concert three years ago, and look where that got me. That being said, I am now just short of addicted to Kid Cudi. Several times throughout the concert, the DJ would stop and Cudi would take to the microphone solo. Not only is that a bold move when you’ve been running around breathless on stage, but it really highlighted the richness of his voice and the musicality of his lyrics. I think that kind of stuff gets lost in recordings.

Below I’ve posted videos of two of my favorite performances of the night:

“Sky Might Fall”

“Soundtrack 2 My Life”

I also LOVED his performance of “Pursuit of Happiness” but I sacrificed taking a video of it so that my friend could hear her favorite Cudi song live via phone. Gotta love technology. But anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert in all (if you haven’t picked up on that already) and will definitely continue to explore Kid Cudi’s collection.

If you are a Kid Cudi aficionado, please share your favorite tracks with me either here, via email ( or on Twitter (@aedubois). I need all the recommendations I can get!


March 19, 2010, 11:41 pm
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After a long, long week it is FINALLY Friday! I guess I can’t really complain about this week, Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day after all. But I have been particularly anxious for this week to be over with because I have tickets to not one, but TWO rap concerts this weekend. That’s right.

Tonight, I’m heading to Harper’s Ferry (a small-ish venue in Allston, MA) to see Boston-based rapper Sam Adams perform. He’s fairly new to the hip hop scene, though many of you might be familiar with his remix of Asher Roth’s hit “I Love College.” Below is Sam Adams’ “I Hate College Remix.”

I had been hoping to blog about him eventually, especially after the release of his first EP Boston’s Boy a couple of weeks ago. I’ve listened to his album but haven’t formed a solid opinion on him yet, so hopefully seeing him perform live in my very own hood will help me decide.

Concert #2 is Kid Cudi tomorrow night at Boston’s House of Blues. If you don’t know who Kid Cudi is, get to know him fast. He is awesome. His big hit “Day N’ Nite” is a pretty great club song, but hardly showcases what this guy is capable of. I’m super excited to see him live and am hoping he performs “T.G.I.F. (Thank God I’m Fresh),” my personal favorite Kid Cudi song which I have featured in the video below.

Check back in Sunday for reviews of both concerts and more extensive posts on each artist. Have a great weekend!