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Hov, Is This About Something Else?
April 16, 2010, 6:46 pm
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Jay-Z is suing David Ortiz of the Red Sox for naming his club in the Dominican Republic “Forty/Forty”…essentially the same name as Jay’s international¬†40/40 bar franchise. One of my favorite rappers vs. one of my favorite baseball players. Awkward.


Jay-Z obviously has every reason to take legal action. I mean, seriously Big Papi? You literally named your nightclub the SAME thing. ¬†But I’m suspicious. It’s no secret that Jay-Z is a Yankees fan. Not only does he hail from Brooklyn, but he’s constantly pictured wearing Yankee’s hats, references the Yanks in many a song and has released numerous tracks touting his home state. I wonder if Jay-Z, as a Yankee fan, is secretly getting a kick out of suing one of Boston’s most beloved baseball players. I know I sure would enjoy watching Sox player Dustin Pedroia take a legal whack at the likes of Yankees hotshot Alex Rodriguez.

Maybe I’m letting my Red Sox fanhood take over, because when I’m being rational I realize Jay-Z probably would’ve sued anyone who stole his club name, Sox player or not. I’m just wondering if it would be quite as newsworthy if baseball loyalties weren’t involved. And I’d really like Jay-Z to admit that he’s kind of loving the fact that he’s suing a very well-known Red Sox player. Come on Hov, we’d all understand.

So my questions to you all are: Who do you think should win the case, do the baseball affiliations make it more interesting and is Jay secretly loving this or what? Let me know what you think.


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? (In June)
April 14, 2010, 8:02 pm
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Looks like Eminem thought we needed a little controversy.
(Props if you got the reference, sorry I know it’s corny.)

I read earlier today on hiphopdx that Eminem announced via Twitter that he was stopping production of his highly-anticipated follow-up album Relapse 2. Of course, as a public relations major, I immediately thought: another Eminem publicity stunt. I mean, Relapse sold 608,000 copies in its first WEEK, so it wasn’t surprising that a simple tweet saying “There is no Relapse 2” caused a ruckus.

He later clarified that rather than sacking the project altogether, he’s just changing the name of the follow-up album to Recovery. Phew. And, according to hip hop producer Just Blaze, it’s going to be sick.

Well, if this whole thing was supposed to be a publicity stunt, it worked. Not only has it generated significant media coverage surrounding the album and its impending June 22 release, but I know it’s gotten me to re-visit my old Em tracks and wonder what to expect from him next. He’s a pretty unpredictable guy.

What are you hoping to hear on Eminem’s Recovery?