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Wanksters Throughout History, Pt. 1
April 17, 2010, 4:45 pm
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Though I’ve mainly posted about straight up rap music so far, every once in a while I’ve got to give it up for my fellow wanksters.

My first installment of “Wanksters Throughout History” comes from the 1999 movie Office Space. This movie is the tale of one very disgruntled white-collar employee, Peter Gibbons, who works in the computer software industry and decides to secretly embezzle money from his company.

One of Peter’s fellow employees and partners in crime is the incredibly nerdy Michael Bolton who is also happens to be the star of “Wankster Throughout History Part 1.” In the scene below, Michael is rapping along to Scarface’s “No Tears” on his drive to work.

Ah yes, classic wankster moment. A later scene in which Michael, Peter and a third accomplice take out their aggression on the corporate printer while “Still” by the Geto Boys plays in the background also fits the bill as a wankster-licious moment. Check it out here.

Thanks for tuning in!


Where Does He Get the Clout?
March 24, 2010, 10:10 am
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Okay, so it’s not Sunday. My bad. I had every intention of having my concert reviews posted way before now, but the weather this weekend was just too gorgeous to be spent in front a computer, and come Monday I was smacked in the face with work. So for all of you that I’m sure were just DYING to know how Sam Adams and Kid Cudi were this weekend, I apologize for making you wait.

That being said, let’s talk a little bit about Mr. Sammy Adams. On Friday night, I headed over to Harper’s Ferry in Allston with a couple of friends to see the Cambridge-born rapper perform live. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a “meh” reaction to Adams’ recently released EP Boston’s Boy and was hoping that this show would give me a solid opinion of him. Mission accomplished.

I hate to be a negative Nancy, so I’ll start off with the positives. First of all, I think that Adams has a great stage presence. He certainly knows how to get a crowd going – for such a small venue I was impressed with how the place erupted when he first ran out on stage and opened with his track “Swang.” Below is a video of him standing backstage getting ready to come out (I’m not creepy we were just standing right by the stage door) and the first minute or so of “Swang.”

See what I mean? Talent-wise he has a lot of potential. Though his EP consists mainly of upbeat tracks that talk about “poppin’ bottles” and “chillin’ with a couple twelves,” I think Adams could hold his own with the big kahunas of party anthems.

That statement comes with a HUGE caveat, though. I had three major problems with this show, and they all have to do with knowing his place as a newcomer to hip hop and appreciating his fans (Weezy, you should probably listen in on this one too).

1. He took forever to come on. The concert was scheduled to start at 8. In the interest of avoiding the inevitable crappy opening act, my friend called ahead to see when Adams would actually be starting his set. We were told 11 pm…yikes. So, we took our sweet time and got to Harper’s Ferry around 11:15, no dice. We were right about the crappy opening act, by the way. To make a long story short, Adams didn’t come on stage until 12:30. Twelve. Thirty. An hour and a half late? Or I guess four and a half hours late, technically. What were you doing back there, Sammy?

2. 25 minute set? Really? I’m not kidding. After getting over my frustration of waiting an hour and a half for Sam to come on, I was finally starting to get into the performance and began to revise the pissed-off review I was already drafting in my head…and then he went off-stage. At first we thought maybe it was just some sort of intermission, but as people started to filter out, we realized that was it. That was the show. To be fair, I realize that he’s new and probably doesn’t have enough material to put on a full-blown concert. I mean, his EP was only eight songs after all. But come on, I paid 14 bucks for this (which is the equivalent of like 50 bucks to a broke college student) – couldn’t he have at least been scribbling down a song or something while we waited an hour and a half for him?

3. There were a bajillion people on stage. This one isn’t quite as big of a deal, but still bugged me. I’ve been to many a rap concert in my day. For some reason, rappers feel that they need to have their posse or whatever roaming around on-stage with microphones and intermittently joining in on the performance. I’ve questioned it, never understood it, but accepted it. But Harper’s Ferry is a very small venue, and as an up-and-coming artist I think Sam needs to keep his onstage posse to a minimum and have the focus be on him. Maybe I’m the only person that was bothered by that, but you can look at the picture below and judge for yourself.

Whoa, right? It’s like playing Where’s Waldo trying to find Sammy somewhere in there. So, while I honestly think that this kid has a lot of potential, he really needs to check his ego at the door and remember that he doesn’t yet have the clout to keep his fans waiting. Loyal fans are the key to his ultimate success, after all. To sum up, in the words of my dear friend and fellow concert-goer Leslie, “Get back to me when you’re a little more famous, Sammy.”

Check out my YouTube account for his performances of SwangI Hate College RemixDriving Me CrazyPoker Face Remix and Tab Open. What do you think of his music/stage presence? Does his talent match his swagger?

Hip Hop? Sounds Like Something A Rabbit Listens To!
March 11, 2010, 9:22 pm
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Hello blogosphere and welcome to…drumroll please…Brookline Stand Up’s inaugural post! If you are a hip hop enthusiast or are just kind of curious as to what hip hop music and culture is all about, you’ve come to the right place.

I am by no means, however, a hip hop expert. I grew up in a charming little suburb in upstate NY where I played classical violin for about 10 years and sang in my church youth choir, and now live right outside of Boston in Brookline, MA where I’m finishing up my senior year of college. It’s hard to say where my love for hip hop first took root…maybe it was when I thought it would be really cool to memorize all of the words to “Baby Got Back” in 6th grade, or maybe it was when my freshman year roommate and I nicknamed our dorm room “Gangsta’s Paradise.” (I still know all the words to Baby Got Back by the way, but who doesn’t?) Some way or another, I became the driver of that obnoxious car whizzing down the road with the 808 rattling my rearview mirror. I think my fellow drivers are quite surprised when they get to the stoplight and see a little blonde girl dancing and rapping along to the beat.

I created Brookline Stand Up to talk about the kind of hip hop I get down to with my patented dorky white girl dance moves. I hope to learn more about the hip hop genre and culture throughout this process, which means I want to hear from all of you out there. So please leave any input, new music, events or relevant news if you feel so moved.

As for those of you that are wondering what a “wankster” is, Urbandictionary describes it as “Someone that pretends to be a ganster and tries to talk in gangster language and wear gangster clothes when the really don’t know anything about being a gangster,” but I think 50 Cent describes it best in his aptly titled hit “Wanksta”…

(And for the record, I don’t wear gangster clothes, only talk in gangster language sometimes and am not a huge fan of Fitty.)