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Ode To Weezy F.
March 12, 2010, 9:16 am
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Before I blog any further, I just need to clear something up. I love Lil Wayne. I know, I know, his lyrics can be questionable at times and his voice sounds a little bit like a constipated baby, but I just cannot get enough of his music. That probably sounds like it’s supposed to be sarcastic, but I really mean it.

And I have every reason to hate him, too. A couple of years ago I paid out the ass for tickets to see him and Jay-Z co-headline a concert at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston (awesome, right?) Well, apparently Weezy was packing heat and refused to┬ápass through the stadium’s metal detectors. Although tickets to a Jay-Z concert are NEVER a waste of money and Hov completely killed it, I was very disappointed that Weezy didn’t deem his fans important enough to leave his gats on the tour bus. I went through a short phase after that where I told everyone he and I were in a fight, but we never really broke up. Within a couple weeks I had his songs back on my workout playlist and everything was peachy keen.

I mean, come on. How can you not love a guy who has about 4 baby mommas and got his prison sentencing delayed because he needed eight hour surgery on his GRILL?? And while many would argue the opposite, I kind of love the fact that Lil Wayne has collaborated with everyone and their mom in the music industry. Obviously he’s had a few misses (I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I think about the “rock” album he released) but the fact that he is constantly spewing out hits with the hottest artists in the business means that I always have new Wayne to listen to. I mean, I’ve listened to Britney Spears’ Circus about 800 times…it’s time for some new music, girlfriend. I never have that problem with Weezy.

I even have some Weezy on my iPod that I’ve never heard before. Okay, to be fair, I typed “Lil Wayne” into my iTunes Library and 249 tracks came up (not unhealthy guys….not unhealthy) but I’m trying to prove a point here. A couple weeks ago I had my iPod on shuffle during my insanely boring commute from my internship in downtown Boston and discovered this tasty little collaboration from Weezy, Fabolous and Juelz Santana:

You Ain’t Got Nuthin’ – Lil Wayne feat. Fabolous & Juelz Santana

(Weezy verse starts at about 3:20)

This video’s sound quality doesn’t do the song justice (the bass in particular) so I highly suggest you download it if you don’t have it already. But anyways, to sum up, in a completely non-sarcastic fashion: love that Weezy is a collabo-whore, love the constipated baby voice, love Weezy. I promise for all you haters out there that I won’t write about him too much but just thought I’d put it out there.

What do you think of Lil Wayne? Yay, nay or aight?